Parents With Children (PWC)

Steps 4 Life Community Services (S4LCS) started providing transitional/supportive housing to homeless women and children in 2001. We have since grown to also provide housing for fathers  seeking to provide a stable and safe environment to help their family unit acclimate back into a wholesome family environment. Family bonding and family interpersonal communication development is the goal.

Save Our Veterans (SOV)

Many of our returning veterans are suffering from all sorts of mental health struggles.  Our experience has been that that recently returning veterans who have no support system, transitional skills or assistance in social skill development are the new victims of homelessness.  We at Steps 4 Life Community Services are on the front line against these challenges.

Recidivism Prevention (RP)

Lack of housing for women or men released from incarceration, along with the emotional struggles of substance abuse and mental health issues (Co-Occurring Disorder) makes recidivism the norm and returning to homelessness a standard.   At (S4LCS) a client can be housed for up to 24 months.  Our environment teaches coping skills that can change their lives, help them become productive member of society and reduce the recidivism rate of returning to incarceration. 

Employment Readiness (ER)

Independent living & life skills training must be the expected outcome of employment readiness programs.  Dress for success support, computer and employable skill building, job search resources, resume writing and individual case management are essential to helping individuals achieve gainful employment.  This is the outcome we strive to accomplish.

Personal Development (PD)

Requires that all clients have an individual assessment to assist and guide them in creating a goal sheet to help identify a client’s needs. These needs include: substance abuse treatment, basic domestic needs and medical needs.  The goal is for each client to navigate the challenges that brought them to our facilities in the first place. Becoming gainfully employed, medically stable and a productive member of society is the goal we have set for every client at our facilities. Our program staff are qualified and registered in areas such as: Addiction Counsellor III Certified, Clinical Supervisor Certified, Co-occurring Disorders Specialist and Forensic Addiction Counsellor .  Our team of professionals are dedicated to help our clients meet their goals.