Thank You to the Redlands Community - New House Donations

Redlands people always pull together to help. Steps 4 Life recently opened a new house for local people who are struggling with homelessness and other challenges. We needed basic items to fill the house like a refrigerator, washer, dryer, couch, furniture, dishes, towels and blankets. Our local community came together to donate these items. We are so grateful. Now our clients have a roof over their head and can focus on working towards self-sufficiency in the Steps 4 Life Program.

A special thanks to Redlands Family Services, Ken, Claudia, Kyra and Jennifer, the Redlands United Church of Christ and Pastor Greg of the Yucaipa Church for making this possible.

Thank You to the San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District

We are so grateful to the San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District for partnering with us to help our local homeless population. They provided a four bedroom house on their property for use by Steps 4 Life to provide transitional housing and services to our homeless. Daniel Cozad, the San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District’s general manager spoke to the Redlands Daily Facts recently about this program and said “We deal with folks who are homeless, who we try to deal with as best we can. But we wanted to do something besides just move them on, to be someone else’s problem.” The Water District really did do something because now Steps 4 Life is able to help more homeless people rebuild their lives and get on a path to self-sufficiency.

Thank you again to the San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District for being a wonderful partner in helping our local homeless population.

Christmas at the Women and Children's Homes - 2018

Merry Christmas from Steps 4 Life. Our women and children spent the day experiencing the true Spirit of Christmas because of our many sponsors and supporters. The women and children's houses were filled with smiles, laughter and joy as the children opened their presents. Then they all shared a wonderful Christmas meal together. We would like to especially thank the following organizations and people who helped make this special day possible:

We do not have another words of gratitude to express our appreciation to the people who make this day possible for our women and children.

Christmas at Our Mens Homes - 2018

Thank you to our many supporters and sponsors for allowing our men to celebrate the holiday with a wonderful Christmas meal at their Steps 4 Life houses. To brighten the day even more, Cynthia stopped by wearing her Santa hat to celebrate with with the men and wish them all a Merry Christmas.

Thank You to Redlands Heroes and Helpers

We are very grateful to the Redlands Police Department, Redlands City Council, Target and other members of our community for helping our children this Christmas season. Every year, the Redlands Heroes and Helpers program takes children in need on a Christmas shopping spree at Target. This year our families were selected along with over a hundred other children from the Redlands community. The event was written up in the Redlands Daily Facts. Our families were all smiles and the Redland’s police officers helped them pick out their Christmas presents. Many thanks to everyone who made this event possible.

Halloween - 2018

Our children had a wonderful time trick-or-treating on Halloween. Their costumes were adorable.

A Magical Day at Disneyland

We are grateful for a generous donation of Disneyland tickets that allowed our women and children families to spent a day at the Happiest Place on Earth. The day started out a with a little rain but this was a blessing because it kept the crowds down and the weather was nice and cool. It was a truly magical day.