Here are some of the self-sufficiency success stories of our residents.  Through their hard work, perseverance and support from Steps 4 Life, they are moving into lives of  self-sufficiency, love and recovery as they reunite their families and give back to their communities.

Two of our clients recently got their own vehicles. They are on their way to self-sufficiency.

I just bought my own car!

I just bought and fixed up my own bike!

We are so thankful to be moving into our own places.  Steps 4 Life helped us with donated items to begin a new life for ourselves and our children.  We are on our way to self-sufficiency!

Steps 4 Life helped me move into my house with donated items for me and my children to begin my our new lives.

Cynthia was so excited when I found my own place. I am so grateful to the Steps 4 Life Program. Thank you!!

My daughter is very happy to be moving into a place of our own. Steps 4 Life was so generous in helping us with donated items for our new start in life.

As part of my path to self-sufficiency, I saved my money and just bought myself a car.  Now I have reliable transportation for my family.

My children are back in my life, I have my own apartment and a new car!


I got my High School GED!


I completed my certification program and got my own apartment for me and my kids!