Christmas at the Women and Children's Homes - 2018

Merry Christmas from Steps 4 Life. Our women and children spent the day experiencing the true Spirit of Christmas because of our many sponsors and supporters. The women and children's houses were filled with smiles, laughter and joy as the children opened their presents. Then they all shared a wonderful Christmas meal together. We would like to especially thank the following organizations and people who helped make this special day possible:

We do not have another words of gratitude to express our appreciation to the people who make this day possible for our women and children.

Christmas at Our Mens Homes - 2018

Thank you to our many supporters and sponsors for allowing our men to celebrate the holiday with a wonderful Christmas meal at their Steps 4 Life houses. To brighten the day even more, Cynthia stopped by wearing her Santa hat to celebrate with with the men and wish them all a Merry Christmas.

Thank You to Redlands Heroes and Helpers

We are very grateful to the Redlands Police Department, Redlands City Council, Target and other members of our community for helping our children this Christmas season. Every year, the Redlands Heroes and Helpers program takes children in need on a Christmas shopping spree at Target. This year our families were selected along with over a hundred other children from the Redlands community. The event was written up in the Redlands Daily Facts. Our families were all smiles and the Redland’s police officers helped them pick out their Christmas presents. Many thanks to everyone who made this event possible.

Halloween - 2018

Our children had a wonderful time trick-or-treating on Halloween. Their costumes were adorable.

A Magical Day at Disneyland

We are grateful for a generous donation of Disneyland tickets that allowed our women and children families to spent a day at the Happiest Place on Earth. The day started out a with a little rain but this was a blessing because it kept the crowds down and the weather was nice and cool. It was a truly magical day.

Redlands Bike Classic

The Redlands Bike Classic has been a favorite annual event for the city of Redlands and the surrounding communities since 1985.  Each year, thousands of local residents come out to enjoy the festivities.  The Bike Classic also hosts the "Shimano Public Races and School Duel" where more than 600 children and youth ride their bikes in a short course through downtown Redlands.

The Steps 4 Life volunteers helped out all day Saturday and Sunday at this event.  They were all wearing their matching green Bike Classic t-shirts  They helped cheer the bicyclists and direct them on the route.  They even did some traffic control with cars at the blocked intersections.  It was a great day for the Redlands community and our Steps 4 Life clients.  Our clients demonstrated the true blessing of making the world a better place by giving back to your community.

Children's Art Project at Burrage Mansion

Part of the Steps 4 Life philosophy is that if you are feeling down then you should go and put a smile on someone else's face.  Steps 4 Life partnered with the Burrage Mansion and Rochford Foundation to host a Children's Art Project.  The theme of the show was "Love through Art." The children painted cards with messages of love in the Burrage Mansion art studio.  Afterwards they delivered the cards to people in the local community who are less fortunate.  They handed out cards to the homeless people in a local park.  They also traveled to a nearby convalescent hospital to visit with the patients and give them some cards.  The families learned that it is better to give than to receive.  By helping others in their community, they are actually helping themselves.

Easter at Steps 4 Life

On Easter Sunday, the Steps 4 Life moms took their children to a nearby park for a picnic and Easter egg hunt.  The children had a wonderful time searching for the candy Easter eggs hidden in the grass and trees.  The families were also celebrating the renewal and recovery in their lives through their work in the Steps 4 Life Program.