After 25 years of suffering from addiction, homelessness and the loss of two of her children, Cindy found a new beginning by going to rehab and learning from her mentor, that she needed to change everything. Lacking job and parenting skills and having a five year old son to raise, she decided to go to school to become a counselor. Her main goal was to open a home for woman suffering from addiction, incarceration and homelessness. She opened Steps 4 Life in 2001 as part of a full-hearted mission in the hope to touch at least one person's life.

Mrs. McGuigan went back to school to become a counselor. She graduated from California Paramedical in 2001. Mrs. McGuigan has worked in the field of substance abuse for 16 years and recently graduated from the University of Phoenix in 2012. Mrs. McGuigan has dedicated her life to improving the lives of those who have suffered from afflictions that have hindered their lives. Her goal in life is to continue to do the work that has been bestowed upon her and help families reunite.

Since Steps 4 Life inception she now has five homes. serving all populations of men, woman & children, veterans, the homeless, and those with mental health struggles. Basically any person wanting to change their lives is welcome. Join our family to be able to have a new life. We believe in giving you today so you can have a tomorrow.